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The Water and Soil Times
"Water Cycle and Soil Related Aspects" unit in the European  
Commissions Directorate General for Research has launched a  
new e-mail newsletter, the “Water And Soil Times”  
This newsletter aims to inform its readers about activities  
and project results in relation to the thematic issue of  
"Water Cycle and Soil Related Aspects" under FP6.  
It will tell them about what is taking place around  
existing and future projects supported through FP5 and FP6  
in this scientific area. This newsletter will also be used  
to disseminate project results, both during and at the  
end of the projects. 
The newsletter aims to reach the scientific community dealing  
with water and soil issues in an environmental context as well  
as a much broader community of stakeholders such as regulators,  
policymakers, managers, industries, scientific journalists and  
organisations with an interest in the subject matter.  
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Click here for a copy of Issue 1, July 2003  
Posted: 04/08/2003 By: Paul Bardos