OECD Factbook 2006 published
The OECD Factbook 2006 provides economic, environmental and social    
statistics environment and natural resources    
The OECD Factbook is an essential tool providing a global overview of    
world economic, social and environmental trends. It brings together in a    
single publication 100 indicators that are essential for evaluating the    
relative position of any OECD country, both at a given moment and over    
time, in the following fields :   
•Population and migration   
•Macroeconomic trends   
•Economic globalisation   
•Labour market   
•Science and technology   
•Public policies   
•Quality of life   
•a special chapter dedicated to Globalisation   
OECD Factbook 2006   
ISBN : 92-64-03561-3 
Posted: 10/04/2006 By: Professor Paul Bardos