Call for Cases for the next NICOLE workshop on 'In
situ measuring and monitoring', 10-12 May 2006 in
Carcassonne (France)
Call for Cases for the next NICOLE workshop    
The NICOLE network event on 10-12 May 2006 in Carcassonne (France) will deal    
about  'In situ measuring and monitoring: innovations and practical    
experience for a cost efficient approach: A different approach for soil and    
groundwater investigations'. This will be a technical meeting, with the aim    
of exchanging knowledge on developments and practical cases, and show best    
practices. An excursion to a site (former goldmining area) is included in    
the program.    
The program will be built around three blocks of techniques:    
1)     techniques that look into the hydrological and geological    
properties of the soil    
2)     techniques that look into pollutants and (geo)chemical processes    
3)     and techniques that look into the biological processes in the    
The Organising Committee of the event welcomes your input to the program!    
We are looking for presentations on cases with the following    
a)  Focus on in situ and on site technology for site assessment.    
b) Built around real cases.    
c) Built around 3 themes: geology ((hydro?)geological characterisation),    
chemical characterisation (pollutants and geochemical processes), biology    
(characterisation of biological processes).    
d) Built around contributing to decisions rather than 'wanting to know what    
is in the soil'.    
e) Giving attention to costs versus results (results being contributing to    
f) Novelties allowed.    
g) No focus on laboratory analyses.    
If you would like to present a case, then please inform the NICOLE    
Secretariat ultimately 31 January!    
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Posted: 22/01/2006 By: Professor Paul Bardos