European Environment OUtlook Report released
The recently Released European Environment Outlook report, produced by the European Environment Agency, concludes the the EU still faces considerable challenges 
in the environmental field in spite of the progress that has been made. Concerns are raised over the fact that long term targets in particular (such as greenhouse
gas emissions and alternative energy sources) are likely to be missed. Regulation of the major sources of pollution has been successful but the energy consumption
patterns of individuals and diffuse pollution are becoming significant problems at the European scale. Success has been seen in the fields of transport and
agricultural nutrients. The Outlook report assesses the environmental consequences of a variety of socio-economic developments in Europe. The consequences studied included
pressure on water availability and quality, air quality and climate change. The report is available at: ... (This article has been based on information in Water and Soil Times issue 16)
Posted: 17/01/2006 By: Dr Antony Chapman