Europe - Urban Audit provides key indicators on the
quality of life in 258 European cities
Danuta Hübner the European Commissioner responsible for regional   
policy, has opened the Urban Audit website and presented the 'Urban   
Audit 2005' book. The Urban Audit brings together a wide range of key   
indicators on the quality of life in 258 cities in the 25 Member States, and   
candidate countries.  
The Urban Audit 2005 includes information on 69 cities in the ten new   
Member States, Bulgaria and Romania. It allows mayors and other local   
elected officials to compare their city directly with other cities in Europe.   
Comparing cities can facilitate the exchange of experience and improve   
the quality of local urban policies. The Urban Audit will also aid the   
Member States in their preparation of the urban content of their National   
Strategic Reference Frameworks.  
The Urban Audit brings together urban statistics for 258 cities across 27   
European countries. It contains almost 300 statistical indicators   
presenting information on matters such as demography, society, the   
economy, the environment, transport, the information society and leisure.  
The Urban Audit contains data for over 250 indicators across the following   
•Social Aspects  
•Economic Aspects  
•Civic Involvement  
•Training and Education  
•Travel and Transport  
•Information Society  
•Culture and Recreation   
Further information can be found at: the Urban Audit website:  
There is also a leaflet available which presents the result of the Urban   
Audit Perception Survey. This survey was conducted in January 2004 to   
measure the local perceptions of quality of life in 31 European cities. The   
first part presents and comments eight graphs on issues for which the   
residents in the 31 cities had widely diverging opinions:  
1.employment opportunities  
2.housing costs  
4.cleanliness of cities  
5.public transport  
6.air pollution  
7.integration of immigrants  
8.overall satisfaction with the quality of life of their city   
The annex presents all the results in a table format for all 22 questions in   
the survey.  
This report is available (0.7MB) from: ...  
A summary of the results per city are published in the book 'Urban Audit   
2005'. An earlier version of this book 'Urban Audit 2004' covered the cities   
in the EU15 (more information - email Further   
information is available from: ...  
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Posted: 21/12/2005 By: Professor Paul Bardos