Agreement on mining waste directive
Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas welcomed the conciliation agreement between the European Parliament and Council on a new directive for the management 
of waste from extractive industries. If not properly managed, such waste can become a serious and long-lasting threat to the environment and human health because
of its composition and volume. The directive aims to introduce EU-wide rules designed to prevent water and soil pollution from the storage of waste in tailings
ponds and waste heaps, with particular emphasis on the short and long-term stability of such waste facilities. Together with the revised Seveso II directive
and a reference document on Best Available Techniques, the forthcoming directive will ensure environmentally sound management of waste from extractive
activities throughout the EU. Extract from: ... In the search facility type IP/05/1545 in reference to get full details.
Posted: 10/12/2005 By: Professor Paul Bardos