DOE Industry Profiles available as free PDF downloads
All 47 DoE Industry Profiles are now available as free PDF downloads from the Environment Agency website at: ... 
DOE Industry Profiles provide developers, local authorities and anyone else interested in land contamination, with information on the processes, materials
and wastes associated with individuals industries. They are not definitive studies but they introduce some of the technical considerations that need to be
borne in mind at the start of an investigation for possible contamination. The 47 original publications in the series have been scanned and created into PDF documents by Defra and are now available as free PDF downloads. As a result
the quality of the documents are poorer than normally provided by both Defra and the Environment Agency. However their usefulness to the risk management process
is such that the decision was made to provide access to them in this format. Original printed versions of the documents are still available for purchase from the Defra Land Quality Pages of their web site at: ...
Posted: 24/10/2005 By: Mr Bob Barnes