Major Environmental Research Reports from the European
A range of environmental research reports have been produced by the European Commission and are available for download from: ... 
FP6 “Global Change and Ecosystems” Project Synopses Abstracts of related contracts on Global Change and Ecosystems (calls 1 - 2) and Scientific Support to Policies (calls 1 - 2) EN [1.2 Mb] EU Research for Sustainable Urban Development and Land Use Sustainable Management - Today’s Plan, Europe’s Future Managing the development of Europe’s cities and regions in a sustainable way not only requires the optimisation of economic, social and environmental objectives,
but also demands an appropriate balance between the interests of industry, citizens and other land users. This publication describes the practical support
offered by EU research both to the decision-making process and to the implementation of sustainable solutions. EN [499 Kb] The path to sustainability EN [ 1289 Kb] Environmental problems such as ozone depletion, species loss and global climate change, urban pollution and the contamination of rivers and coastal waters,
are rightly tackled at European level. They cannot be confined within nationalborders, and are too vast and complex to be solved by any country alone, while
all Member States rely to some extent on shared natural resources. EU Research Environmental Technologies - Clean And Competitive Environmental technologies are both an urgent requirement and an economic opportunity for Europe. This publication summarises the European Commission’s
Environmental Technologies Action Plan (ETAP). The Plan outlines the action that must be taken by the EU, its Member States, and its businesses and consumers
in order to bring into the mainstream new technologies which can help Europe – and the world – to achieve sustainable development. EN [390 Kb] Global change and ecosystem: European research in action EN [252 Kb] Water cycle and Soil-related aspects. Water Technologies: results and opportunities - global changes and ecosystems This brochure presents an selection of FP 5 projects that contributed to areas as waste water, drinking water, industrial water technologies but also monitoring
and decision support system EN [3.3 Mb] Abstracts of projects proposed for funding FP 6 - 2003 - Global 2 Water cycle and Soil-related aspects EN [1.2 Mb] Abstracts of Water and soil related contracts FP 6 - 2002 - Global 1 and Policies 1 Water cycle and Soil-related aspects EN [790 Kb] EU Research for Sustainable Urban Development and Land Use - Sustaining Europe This publication describes a selection of the practical tools, technologies and policy recommendations generated by EU research in the Fifth and Sixth
Research Framework Programmes in support of European efforts to achieve sustainable development. It explains how the outputs of research are already helping
policymakers, planners and practitioners to overcome the complex environmental, social and economic dilemmas of cities and regions across Europe. EN – DE – FR [~ 700 Kb] EU Research for Sustainable Urban Development and Land Use Sustainable Urban Environment - Building the Future The principles of sustainability must inform every stage in the creation of the urban environment in which 80% of EU citizens live – planning and design, construction,
operation and maintenance, renewal and reuse. This publication explains the practical contribution made by EU-funded research and demonstration projects
to the realisation of dynamic and environmentally friendly cities that are also attractive, pleasant and clean. EN [537 Kb] EU Research on Environment and Health - Expanding Knowledge to improve our Well-Being We all want to enjoy healthy lives, but our well-being depends to a large extent on the quality of the environments in which we live and work. The European Commission's
Environment and Health Action Plan 2004-2010 outlines measures that will integrate Europe's expertise in environment, health and research sectors in order
to better understand how environmental factors may threaten our health. By strengthening EU research in the environment and health research area and gearing
it to inform policy-making, the Union and Member States will be able to formulate robust and targeted policy that better protects citizens’ health. EN [3.7
Mb] Socio-Economic Projects In Energy, Transport and Environment This booklet contains the abstracts and the administrative data from the socio-economic projects in the energy, transport and environment field funded
under the Fifth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (1998-2002) and some initial projects funded under the Sixth Framework Programme
(2002-2006). The projects included are the most relevant examples in relation to the following key issues: > Modelling and Scenarios; > Direct and External Costs; > Policy Instruments and Governance; > Social Acceptability and Human Behaviour. The most recent projects, especially those under the Sixth Framework Programme, are cross-cutting and therefore cover several of the above. The intention
is to provide general information for as wide a public as possible within the scientific community. EN [3.7 Mb] EU Research for Sustainable Urban Development and Land Use - Land Use and Mobility - Keeping our Cities Moving Questions of transport and land use lie at the heart of sustainable urban planning, and are fundamentally interlocked. This publication explains the substantial
contribution already made by EU research to improved understanding of the opportunities for integration of policy and practice in these two fields. It also
shows how pilot schemes across Europe are benefiting from the realisation of such synergies, using approaches and tools which are now available to other cities
and regions. EN [526 Kb] EU Research for Sustainable Urban Development and Land Use - Cultural Heritage - New Technologies for the Future of our Past Europe’s cultural heritage is threatened by water damage, air pollution, chemicals, mass tourism and poor management. This publication shows how EU research
brings together expert scientists, public authorities, owners and managers, architects and restorers to develop and test new technologies, tools, materials
and methods. The results of their work will enable Europe to improve the protection of its rich cultural heritage. EN [484 Kb] Research for Sustainable Urban Development and Land Use - Un-Habitat and the EU - Creating A World Of Sustainable Cities Co-operation between UN-HABITAT and the EU to share the results of their research efforts is helping to improve environmental conditions and the quality
of life in cities around the world. This publication outlines the two bodies’ achievements in the area of sustainable urban development, offering concrete
examples of the widely applicable tools and resources that they have created. It shows how the two-way flow of experience and expertise benefits European and
non-European cities alike. EN [1,324 Kb] – FR – ES [~600 Kb] – ZH [2.35 Mb] Tools for Sustainability Impact Assessment of EU Policies. The Contribution of the EU Socio-economic Research Sustainable Development should become the central objective of all sectors and policies. Policy makers must identify likely spillovers – good and bad –
onto other policy areas and take them into account. Careful assessment of the full effects of a policy proposal must include estimates of its economic, environmental
and social impacts inside and outside the EU. EN [674 Kb] Workshop Report: The EU-US Scientific Initiative on Harmful Algal Blooms Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) are due to proliferations of algae that can have devastating ecological and economic impacts in the world’s oceans. They occur
through the world
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Major Environmental Research Reports from the European Commission
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