NICOLE Workshop 1-2 December 2005, Sardinia: The
impact of EU directives on the management of contaminated
land; do we have to start site remediation all over
Over the last few years various EU Directives and initiatives have taken place, which could potentially have a significant impact on contaminated land    
management in the future. The 'Van de Walle-case' is an example of how    
the EU Waste Directive can dramatically influence the way in which   
contaminated land might be dealt with.     
The NICOLE membership have expressed the view that the impact of current EU initiatives is the current issue of most concern to them   
NICOLE has organised a workshop on 1 and 2 December 2005 to specifically address this concern.  The workshop will take place at T-Hotel, Via dei Giudicati - 
Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy The aims of this workshop are: 1) to inform and explain what these various EU initiatives mean for the management of contaminated land 2) to give an opportunity for a dialogue between stakeholders and regulators The workshop includes a special session organised by the Common Forum on Contaminated Land. The Common Forum is a European network of national regulators.
Posted: 26/09/2005 By: Professor Paul Bardos