SNIFFER and UKTAG announce the re-launch of the WFD
SNIFFER and UKTAG are pleased to announce the re-launch of the WFD  
  research database. The database has been established to provide up to  
  date information on research supporting the implementation of the WFD in  
  the UK. The database holds information on current, completed and  
  proposed projects directly and indirectly related to the WFD throughout  
  the UK and where available, other EU countries.  
  The database is currently available to view, edit and update projects on or via the UKTAG website: ...    
  To assist with the re-launch of the database and to ensure all registration  
  information we hold is up to date, SNIFFER is inviting all previous users of  
  the database and UKTAG respondents to re-register their details on the  
  WFD Database website. Registration details should be updated by 31  
  August 2005.    
  If you have any queries relating to the database or are having any  
  problems registering, please contact    
  It would be appreciated if UKTAG respondents could also advise in any  
  change in contact details directly to 
Posted: 05/08/2005 By: Dr Antony Chapman