Webcast: 25 Years of Contaminated Land Management
- Achievements and Work Still to Be Done. Live from
ConSoil in Bordeaux, France, October 4, 2005
NICOLE, EUGRIS and the US EPA collaborated on the very first live webcast from a Consoil conference.  The two sessions were a tremendous success, with more than 
100 people from all over the world following them through the Internet thanks to the US EPA. In addition, the session included one presentation piped in from
Washington DC and one from Brussels. This was a super experiment, and looks like it could be a useful future activity for the future. If you would like to catch
up on the session you can go to http://www.clu-in.org/studio/consoil_1 ... where the slides and a recording of the session are posted.
Posted: 02/08/2005 By: Professor Paul Bardos