WATER AND SOIL TIMES - Issue 13, June 2005
WATER AND SOIL TIMES - Issue 13, June 2005 - EXTRA EDITION A newsletter for the 'Water Cycle and Soil Related Aspects' activities in the European Commissions 
Directorate General for Research. ----- Environmental Technologies and Pollution Prevention, DG RTD I.2 INFORMATION DAYS: 'Intelligent Testing Strategy For Chemicals' 8 July 2005, and 'Water Technologies' 11 July 2005. 08/07/2005 - (Intelligent testing strategies for chemicals), Centre A.Borschette - Rue Froissard 36, 1040 Brussels, Room 0A 11/07/2005 - (Water Technologies), Centre A.Borschette - Rue Froissard 36, 1040 Brussels, Room 0A In July 2005 a further call for proposals will be launched in the framework of the SUB-PRIORITY 'GLOBAL CHANGE AND ECOSYSTEMS' of the 6th RTD Framework
Programme. For some specific topics the Unit 'Environmental Technologies and Pollution Prevention' organises two information days (8 and 11 July 2005) in
Brussels. The topics are: * 'Intelligent testing strategies for chemicals' (Area VII). * 'Water Technologies' and will deal with the specific topics (Area II) on: o Source control of priority substances, o Wastewater treatment concepts and processes, o Advanced technologies for buried infrastrucutures, o Membrane-based water desalination, o New systems and technologies for irrigation and drainage, o Sustainable sanitation in developing countries. The objective of the Information Days is to present the views of various stakeholder groups and - based on that - to launch an intensive discussion with all
other participants. The introduction to the event will be given by the services of the Commission. The event is also an occasion for brokerage and for facilitating the formation of consortia willing to present proposals for the next call. The deadline for the coming call for proposals will be the 3rd of November 2005. Because of the limited space (max. 180 participants), reservation will be made on a first come-first serve basis. There will be no registration fee; participants have to pay their own travel, subsistence and accommodation costs. You are kindly asked to use the linked registration form and return it by electronic means to Ms. Rabia Ait-Bouya; mailto:rabia.ait-bouya@cec.eu.int . Registration form: http://forum.europa.eu.int/Public/irc/ ... The Commission will inform applicants of the acceptance of their application. More information on the Info Days (agenda, list of participants, call text, presentations, statements, etc.) will be published on the website: http://forum.europa.eu.int/Public/irc/ ...
You are kindly asked to visit this web site before the event. Participants will be given the possibility to make short statements or PowerPoint presentations
(max. 5 min). In case you intend to use this opportunity, you are kindly asked to send the electronic version of your presentation together with the registration
form to the above-indicated address before the deadline (1st July 2005). A confirmation will be forwarded to you before 6th July 2005. Further Information: For questions about the registration please contact: Ms. Rabia Ait-Bouya; mailto:rabia.ait-bouya@cec.eu.int. If you have any scientific/technical question, please contact: Andrea Tilche; mailto:andrea.tilche@cec.eu.int. ----- OTHER SOURCES OF INFORMATION CORDIS is the main website for general information on FP6 programmes and projects http://www.cordis.lu/. It contains a special area devoted to 'Global Change
and Ecosystems' at http://www.cordis.lu/sustdev/environment ... Apart from these, you may also find the following sites, which carry information more specifically dealing with the FP5 Water Key Action, of interest: http://www.cordis.lu/eesd/ka1/home.htm ... http://www.forum.europa.eu.int/Public/ ... ----- CONTRIBUTIONS You are most welcome to provide contributions for the future issues of this newsletter. Please send your suggestions to mailto:per.backe-hansen@cec.eu.int. The
editor reserves the right to select and edit the items for inclusion in the newsletter. ----- PREVIOUS ISSUES Previous issues of this newsletter may be downloaded from http://forum.europa.eu.int/Public/irc/rt ... ----- LEGAL NOTICE The content of this newsletter is prepared by officials of DG Research and represents their personal views on the subject matters. These views have not been
adopted or in any way approved by the European Commission and should not be relied upon as a statement of the Commission or DG Research. See also http://europa.eu.int/geninfo/disclaimer_ ... This newsletter may be freely distributed. (c) European Communities, 2005. Reproduction is authorised provided the source is acknowledged. ----- SUBSCRIPTION To subscribe/unsubscribe please go to http://europa.eu.int/comm/research/maili ... and log in using the e-mail address at which you received
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Posted: 15/06/2005 By: Mr Jörg Frauenstein