Training course: Risk assessment and Groundwater
Remediation (30-31.5. 2005)
This training course of the UFZ (UFZ-Centre for Environmental Research in the Helmholtz Association) is provided in cooperation with the Long Island Groundwater 
Research Institute (LIGRI), the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC), the MTBE and other Fuels Oxygenates Team, the American Petroleum Institute
(API) and the US Environmental Agency. The two day course provides a comprehensive theoretical and practical overview for evaluation methods and remediation technologies for MTBE and TBA spill
sites. The course takes place at the conference centre of the UFZ in Leipzig, Germany Registration fees: 90 € (participants from academia, administration) 150 € (participants from industry) The following topics will be dealt with in presentations, demonstrations, exercises and site visits. - physical, chemical toxicological and biological properties of MTBE and TBA - risk assessment for MTBE and TBA contaminated sites - remediation technologies - choice and combination of different treatment technologies - presentation of remediation examples National and international experts have been invited. The speakers are: - Joe Haas (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation) - Greg Hattan (Kansas Department of Health and Environment) - Michael Hyman (North Carolina State University) - Jeff Kuhn (Montana Department of Environmental Quality) - Fred McGarry (New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services) - Roy Spalding (University of Nebraska at Lincoln) - Jim Weaver (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) - Jim Landmeyer (U.S. Geological Survey) - Torsten Schmidt (University of Tuebingen) - Mario Schirmer (UFZ Centre for Environmental Research) - Marion Martienssen (UFZ Centre for Environmental Research) - Hans Hermann Richnow (UFZ Centre for Environmental Research) - Martin Bittens (UFZ Centre for Environmental Research) For registration please contact:
Posted: 09/05/2005 By: Dr Stefan Gödeke