EUGRIS System Report
The System Report provides an introduction, a general description, a technical description and a user's guidance of the EUGRIS system (Portal for Soil and 
Water Management in Europe, in one comprehensive document. Contents are: 1 Introduction Background and visions Usersí perspective Current status Future of EUGRIS 2 Description of the EUGRIS system 2.1 Scope of EUGRIS 2.2 Structure of EUGRIS 2.3 Technical information of EUGRIS Technical content information EU and Country information Research information 2.4 Service information of EUGRIS Library Who does what directory Training News Contact and register 2.5 Quality assurance 3 EUGRIS User guidance 4 Technical description of EUGRIS 4.1 Structure of the system 4.2 Development Philosophy and Approach 4.3 Database Implementation 4.4 Tables 4.5 Coding 4.6 Hosting 4.7 User interaction 5 The founders of EUGRIS 6 Annexes 6.1 Available technical further descriptions (status February 2005) 6.2 Available research projects (status February 2005) 6.3 EUGRIS Help pages (status February 2005) The report is here available (pdf, 1,6MB):
Click here for EUGRIS System Report 1.4MB (PDF)
Posted: 02/05/2005 By: Maike Hauschild