Research funding network SNOWMAN - Think Tank Workshop
Proceedings, Vienna 2005
Alternatives to European Framework Programmes are needed to increase funding for collaborative research in Europe. The European Commission supports European 
Research Area Networks, ERANETs, as one possible route. The ERANET project SNOWMAN, Sustainable management of soil and groundwater under
the pressure of soil pollution and soil contamination, is preparing a call in 2006. SNOWMAN’s Think Tank Workshop was a two day “Large Group Planning Meeting” in Vienna from January 24th to 25th, 2005. Fifty research funders from 13 European
countries looked for a common ground to prepare a transnational co-ordinated call for research in the field of soil-water-sediment system with
respect to contamination
. The participants developed the frame for SNOWMAN’s research agenda and the respective research management tools. A summary and the full proceedings are now available as pdfs.
Full Report 3979 KB (PDF)

Summary 66kb (PDF)
Posted: 18/04/2005 By: Maike Hauschild