International Summer School on 'Innovative Approaches
to the Management and Physical & Chemical Remediation
of Contaminated Sediments (Genoa, Italy, 8th -10th
September 2005 )'
The main objective of the school is to provide a critical overview on:   
a) new approaches to the management of contaminated costal areas;   
b) new dredging technologies;   
c) new technology for the physical-chemical ex-situ treatment of contaminated sediments;   
d) advances in capping technologies;   
e) new approaches for in situ stabilization or treatment;   
f) long-term assessment of contaminant flux and availability,   
including monitoring requirements for natural recovery of contaminated sediments.  
The application deadline is June 1, 2005.  
More information can be found at: ... 
Posted: 10/03/2005 By: Dr Fabio Fava