International Summer School on 'Biomonitoring,
Bioavailability and Microbial Transformation
of Pollutants in Sediments and approaches to stimulate
their Biodegradation'.
The School will be held in Genoa, Italy, on 12th-14th September 2005.  
The application deadline is June 1, 2005.  
The main objective of the school is to provide a critical overview on:  
a) the innovative approaches to the analysis of pollutant   
bioavailability in sediments;   
b) the bio-chemical and molecular microbiology tools that have   
recently become available to study biodegradation processes naturally   
occurring in contaminated sediments and to design and develop   
possible strategies to intensify them under both ex-situ and in situ   
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Posted: 10/03/2005 By: Dr Fabio Fava