WATER AND SOIL TIMES - Issue 11, March 2005
WATER AND SOIL TIMES - Issue 11, March 2005  
A newsletter for the 'Water Cycle and Soil Related Aspects' activities in the European Commissions Directorate General for Research.  
The first drafts for the Vision Document, Strategic Research Agenda and Implementation Plan prepared by the five working groups of the WSSTP are going to 
be issued soon. These documents are expected to evolve taking into consideration the comments of the various stakeholders. Stakeholder participation is
therefore essential for the success of the WSSTP. All European stakeholders in the field of water are therefore invited to express their ideas. It is possible
to participate in the activities of the Platform in different ways and at different levels: - Participate in the Public Consultation Process: Your input to the platform, working groups or documents is possible through the dedicated website http://www.wsstp.org where you find a number of open discussion
forums. 'Working groups' are still looking for experts to take part in the so-called 'Reference Groups', which will be used for a first consultation and gathering
specific information. You may express your interest for this task to the facilitator of each group (see website). - Register for the Large-scale Stakeholder Event, Brussels: Large scale consultation will be organised through a stakeholder event. Intermediate results will be presented during a European wide stakeholder event
in Brussels. Pre-registration is possible through the website. Moreover, a high level meeting of the WSSTP and CEO's from major European industries will be
organised in Brussels on April 11. The President of the Technology Platform, Pamela Taylor, is in charge of this important event and the presence of the EC Commissioner
for Science and Research is envisaged. More details on this event will be available soon on the platform's website. - Subscribe to the Electronic Newsletter: An electronic newsletter will keep you up to date of the latest activities and developments of the WSSTP. Subscription to the WSSTP newsletter is possible
through the website. ----- 2ND POLICY WORKSHOP OF HARMONI-CA/WP5 ON TOOLS FOR AGRICULTURAL & WATER MANAGEMENT The interaction of Common Agricultural Policy and the implementation of the Water Framework Directive will be addressed at the 2nd Harmoni-CA/WP5-Policy-Workshop
on 4-5 April 2005. Seven models and tools will be presented, which may support the resolution of conflicts between agriculture policy and water management.
Taking place in Brussels at the European Commission, the workshop invites both regional and European representatives from water and agricultural authorities.
The presentations will be embedded into focused discussions to stimulate an open and informed exchange. The workshop is organized by the University of Osnabrueck,
Germany. For more information, please contact Ilke Borowski mailto:borowski@usf.uos.de ----- 2ND HARMONI-CA FORUM AND CONFERENCE How to meet the challenges from the first characterisation reports (as the first step of implementing the WFD), 5-7 April 2005 Het Pand, Ghent, Belgium Harmoni-CA organizes a series of conferences in support of the implementation of the WFD. These conferences aim to connect a wide range of people for information
and knowledge exchange. Scientists, ICT developers and tool providers are invited to support the water managers and policy makers in their work on the implementation.
In the first Harmoni-CA Conference in February 2004, a number of problems, mainly related to the need for a further integration of available knowledge and the
practical implementation of the WFD, have been identified and responding actions have been initiated. This second Conference is focussing on the research
needs and other challenges encountered by WFD-implementers during the preparation of the characterisation reports. These challenges will be discussed
on the basis of replies received to a questionnaire prepared by the Common Implementation Strategy (CIS) Working Group B 'Integrated River Basin Management'.
For more information about the Conference and the registration form see the following web address: http://www.harmoni-ca.info/Conferences/U ...
----- CONFERENCE ON 'COPING WITH DROUGHT AND WATER DEFICIENCIES: FROM RESEARCH TO POLICY MAKING' - CYPRUS, MAY 12 AND 13, 2005 This is the fourth major event in a series of escalating magnitude and importance, organised in the context of the ARID cluster which aims to strengthen the
interaction between three individual FP5 projects (Aquadapt, Medis, WaterStrategyMan) addressing the water scarcity issue and to promote the sharing of
results and methodologies, within the cluster and with the general public. The ARID cluster has been closely associated with a recent initiative undertaken
by the Water Directors, in the context of the Common Implementation Strategy of the WFD, to examine the type of action necessary in this field at the European
level. To this end, last October 2004, a first workshop was jointly organised by the cluster, the French Government, DG Research and DG Environment, in Palermo,
Italy. The Cyprus Conference, with the support of the Cypriot Government, will continue this effort, with a view of strengthening the interaction between
research and policy and integrating the efforts so far undertaken in developing a policy-oriented, reality-based framework for managing drought and aridity.
For more information contact Prof. Dionysis Assimacopoulos mailto:assim@chemeng.ntua.gr and Dr. Pheobe Koundouri mailto:p.koundouri@reading.ac.uk ----- RIVER BASIN MANAGEMENT - PROGRESS TOWARDS IMPLEMENTATION OF THE EUROPEAN WATER FRAMEWORK DIRECTIVE The Water Board of the Institution of Civil Engineers supported by the Directorate-General Environment, European Commission, has organised a Conference
and Exhibition entitled: 'River Basin Management - progress towards implementation of the European Water Framework Directive'. River basin planning and management is central to the European Water Framework Directive (EWFD). Substantial progress is being made in EU Member States
with early stages of implementation of the EWFD and a number of the pre-accession states are also modifying their national legislation and procedures to come
in line with the Directive. This conference, which focuses on the fresh water components of the Directive, will review progress to date, share experience and
identify the possible issues which may arise as the EWFD is implemented. The Conference will be held on 19-20 May 2005 at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest, Hungary For more information about the conference and exhibition please refer to: http://www.riverbasinmanagement2005.com ----- SWIFT-WFD TRAINING COURSE In the framework of the EC project 'Screening Methods for Water Data Information in Support of the Implementation of the Water Framework Directive' (SWIFT-WFD)
a series of 2-Day Training Courses and Workshops is being organised that focus on the 'Quality assurance and quality control of monitoring river basins involving
screening methods'. Each set of events will concentrate on specific European river basin(s), and the forthcoming, second event relates to the river basins
of Spain, Portugal and France. The Laboratory Training Course [#T2, 26-27 May 2005] is intended for monitoring laboratory staff, but participants from the environmental water policy
area are welcomed. The event will be hosted by the University Complutense Madrid, Madrid, Spain. The training Course is in principle open to participants from
Spanish, Portuguese and French river basins (other basins will follow later). There is a fee of 100 euro. For further information and application form see http://w
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