API Interactive LNAPL Guide
This tool, developed by the  
American Petroleum Institute, is a comprehensive and easy-to-use  
electronic information system and screening utility. The Guide is  
designed to provide an overall approach for evaluating light non-  
aqueous phase liquid (e.g., petroleum hydrocarbon) at a site,  
assessing its potential risk, quantitatively defining mobility and  
recoverability, developing remedial strategies, and examining  
methods to enhance site closure opportunities.  The Guide  
includes: primers covering all aspects of LNAPL, assessment tools,  
including API-LNAST Version 2.0, the  'Charbeneau'  
spreadsheets for LNAPL recovery (August 2003), the API LNAPL  
Parameter Database, LNAPL decision-making frameworks, videos,  
animated figures and an extensive reference list (Version 2.0,  
August 2004).  Download at http://groundwater.api.org/lnaplguide  
or request a CD from kiharam@api.org 
Posted: 07/02/2005 By: Paul Bardos