Europe - Commission consults on draft thematic strategy
on resources
The European Commission's Environment Directorate-General in carrying   
out a hasty consultation: Assessing the actions to be undertaken as part   
of the Thematic Strategy on the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources  
The consultation runs from 6 December 2004 until 30 January 2005  
Aim of the Consultation  
Commission departments are currently drafting a Thematic Strategy on   
the sustainable use of natural resources. This Strategy, which is one of   
seven being produced following the 6th Environmental Action Programme,   
will aim to reduce the environmental impacts of using natural resources,   
where natural resources are raw materials such as minerals and biomass,   
environmental media such as air, water and soil, flow resources such as   
wind, geothermal, tidal and solar energy and space (land area).  
This consultation will build on and focus the results of the stakeholder   
consultations following the Commission's 2003 Communication, Towards a   
thematic strategy on the sustainable use of natural resources.  
It seeks to elicit relevant information and opinions from stakeholders on   
particular measures being considered for inclusion in the final Strategy.   
The information submitted will feed into the Extended Impact Assessment   
currently being prepared by Commission departments and which will guide   
the final Strategy, which should be adopted in summer 2005.  
The previous consultation  
The 2003 Commission consultation document set out the aim of   
developing 'a framework and measures that allow resources to be used in   
a sustainable way without further harming the environment, while achieving   
the objectives of the Lisbon Strategy' and outlined three broad areas in   
which it considered that further action was necessary. These were: 1.   
filling the gaps in our knowledge about the interaction between resource   
use and environmental impact under different environmental and g  
eographic conditions 2. improving the assessment of policies so that   
better informed decisions can be taken on a sound understanding of their   
environmental, economic and social impacts 3. based on the results   
generated by the first two elements, strengthening the integration of   
resource-related environmental issues into other policies.  
This consultation document also led to the establishment of an Advisory   
Forum and two Working Groups. Each working group was asked to   
produce a report and these were completed on 1 October 2004.  
The results of these working groups have been taken account of in   
preparing this consultation, as have statements from the European   
Parliament and Council.  
Guidance for responding to the questionnaire  
There is a lengthy consultation questionnaire available on line at: ...  
The reports referred to above are:  
Two Working Groups have been active during the stakeholder consultation   
process. Their final reports are here:  
Final report Working Group 1 (pdf ~1,5Mb) ...  
Final report Working Group 2 (pdf ~464K) ... 
Posted: 21/12/2004 By: Paul Bardos