UK - Environment Agency launches hazwaste guidance
A simple guide that will help anyone involved in managing or handling   
waste to comply with new regulations has been published by the   
Environment Agency. The guide will particularly help producers and   
managers of hazardous waste to understand what they need to do if they   
decide to send waste to landfill sites for disposal.  
Under the new regulations which form part of the Landfill Directive,   
hazardous waste needs to be treated before it is landfilled. From next July,   
hazardous waste will also need to meet Waste Acceptance Criteria   
(WAC). These set tougher requirements for substances such as heavy   
metals. The new guidance explains the relationship between the WAC and   
the pretreatment requirements of the Directive.  
Liz Parkes, Head of Waste Regulation, Environment Agency said: 'The   
Landfill Directive has had and will continue to have a significant impact on   
the management of all wastes. It's very important that everyone   
understands how the new rules affect them and what they need to do.  
'Sending waste to landfill should be the last possible option for a waste   
producer or manager as there are often environmentally friendly ways of   
managing the waste. Landfill is also becoming more expensive as we   
demand higher operating standards from landfill sites that are able to   
accept hazardous waste. However, this guide provides important   
information for any waste producer or manager who, after consideration,   
has decided that it is necessary to landfill their waste.'  
A waste producer may be anyone whose activities produce waste   
('original/primary producer') or anyone who carries out processing, mixing   
or other operations resulting in a change in the nature or composition of   
this waste ('secondary producer').  
The requirements of the Landfill Regulations have been progressively   
introduced since 2002 and their legislative requirements will all be in force   
when permitting of landfill sites is complete by October 2007.  
The new guide Requirements for Waste Destined for Disposal in Landfill -   
A guide for waste producers and waste managers can be found on the   
Environment Agency website at: ... 
Posted: 03/12/2004 By: Paul Bardos