International Conference on Stabilisation/Solidification
Treatment and Remediation - Advances in S/S for waste
and contaminated land
Date: 12-13 April 2005  
Venue: Cambridge University, UK  
Conference Bulletin (including Registration Form) and further details are available on the STARNET website  
Keynote speakers at the conference will include:  
Dr. Jan Gronow, Environment Agency, UK  
Prof. Hans van der Sloot, ECN, Netherlands  
Dr. Pierre Yves Klein, Inertec, France  
Mr. Goran Holm, Swedish Geotechnical Institute, Sweden  
The presentation sessions will cover the following themes:  
* Binder & Technology Selection    
* Testing and QA/QC    
* Long-Term Performance and Environmental Impact  
* Case Studies  
* Best Practice Guidance Documents  
* Stabilisation of Uncontaminated Materials    
* Beyond Conventional S/S 
Posted: 02/12/2004 By: Ramesh Perera