IMAGE-TRAIN / Final Newsletter and Project Results
6th IMAGE-TRAIN Newsletter (Aug. 04)   
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In August 2004, the EU-funded project IMAGE-TRAIN (Innovative Management of Groundwater Resources in Europe - Training and RTD Co-ordination Project) 
ended. IMAGE-TRAIN aimed at improving co-operation and interaction between ongoing research projects in the field of soil and groundwater contamination,
and at communicating new technology achievements to young scientists by means of training courses. The last issue of the IMAGE-TRAIN Newsletter informs about all IMAGE-TRAIN activities and publications. (1) Description of all IMAGE-TRAIN events and publications. (2) List of IMAGE-TRAIN Publications. (3) Implementation of Remediation Technologies - Theory and Practise? The final results of the last IMAGE-TRAIN case study analysing 11 large European
soil and groundwater remedia-tion cases. (4) Quantitative Risk Assessment: Information on the last IMAGE-TRAIN Advanced Study Course held in Freudenstadt (Germany). (5) Forthcoming Events. contact: Gundula Prokop (
Posted: 24/09/2004 By: Gundula Prokop