WATER AND SOIL TIMES - Issue 8, September 2004
A newsletter from the 'Water Cycle and Soil Related Aspects' unit in the European Commissions Directorate General for Research.  
The European Commission has launched an open consultation on the future of European research policy. The consultation follows the publication of 'Science 
and technology, the key to Europe's future - Guidelines for future European Union policy to support research' COM(2004)353, in which the Commission proposes
a major expansion of the future EU research budget and to focus support on six major objectives. The results of the consultation will be used by the Commission
in preparing the proposal for the 7th Framework Programme. All interested individuals and organisations are encouraged to provide their views and comments on the Commission's proposals through an online questionnaire
available at: http://europa.eu.int/yourvoice/forms/dis ... The questionnaire can be completed quickly and also be used to provide more detailed comments. The deadline for responses is 15 October 2004. The Commission would welcome views from the research community and users of research in all EU countries as well as third countries. The consultation is addressed
in particular to public research institutes, universities, large companies, SMEs, research organisations, international organisations and associations,
and all those involved in research policies. An analysis of the results of the consultation will be made available at: http://europa.eu.int/comm/research/futur ... ----- THE EU WATER SUPPLY AND SANITATION TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM (WSSTP): A PRIORITY ACTION DEFINED BY THE ETAP The concept: To attract more R&D private and public investment the Technology Platform is a mechanism to bring together all interested stakeholders to build
a long-term vision to develop and promote a specific technology or solve particular issues. The ambitions and aims: To face the global challenge of ensuring safe and secure water supply for different uses and sanitation services by developing sustainable
solutions and technologies within the appropriate framework conditions. Actions identified: - To elaborate and follow-up Strategic Water Research Agenda - To develop a specific Action Plan for implementation - To identify and develop monitoring mechanisms and benchmarking indicators - To develop and implement related Networking Activities - To integrate and disseminate knowledge and technologies WSSTP Roadmap: - June-July 2004: constitution of the WSSTP Board - September 2004: constitution of the Working Groups - October 2004: constitution of the WSSTP Secretariat - Spring 2005: draft vision document and shared Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) issued for consultation. - Mid-2005: first assessment of the WSSTP potential and stakeholders involvement - After FP6: two possibilities for continuation: - Selected and implemented as Joint European Technology Initiative (JETI) or - Implementation of the SRA through usual tools (calls for proposals, IP, NoE, STREP, CA and SSAs) More information about the EU 'Environmental Technologies Action Plan' (ETAP): http://europa.eu.int/comm/environment/et ... More information about the EU 'Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform' (WSSTP): http://forum.europa.eu.int/Public/irc/rt ...
----- COMMUNICATING EUROPEAN RESEARCH The European Commission has opened a new web-site with advice on how to communicate European research activities at http://europa.eu.int/comm/research/sci ...
This website is intended to assist project coordinators and team leaders to generate an effective flow of information and publicity about the objectives
and results of their work, the contributions made to European knowledge and scientific excellence, the value of collaboration on a Europe-wide scale, and
the benefits to EU citizens in general. The content particularly addresses communications via the 'mass media' (TV, radio and the written press), the workings
of which may be less familiar to scientific/academic partners. It also covers websites and other internally generated support such as print publications,
CDs and video. As well as providing sound advice on how best to proceed, this site includes examples of successful approaches that have been used to date. ----- IWA CONGRESS IN MARRAKECH The European Commission will be exhibiting at the IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition in Marrakech, Morocco, on 19-24 September 2004 (http://www.iwa2004marrakech.com/
). The 'Water Cycle and Soil Related Aspects' unit will be present at stand 12 in the exhibition. The European Commission - DG Research has for decades been supporting efforts towards environmental research. A wide diversity of activities with relevance
for the water sector are promoted and financed by consecutive Framework Programmes. Relevant information on priorities and opportunities for research and
results of research projects will be available at the stand. Further information regarding the EC exhibition may be obtained from Mr. Gonzalez-Gonzalez, mailto:avelino.gonzalez-gonzalez@cec.eu.int
----- FINAL WORKSHOP OF THE FAME PROJECT From Sept. 29 - Oct. 2 2004 the final workshop of the FAME project will take place in St. Georgen/L?ngsee (Carinthia, Austria). FAME aimed at developing a fish-based
assessment method for the ecological status of European rivers according to the requirements of the European Water Framework Directive. In the workshop, the final FAME results (European Fish Index EFI, fish-based European river typology, assessment systems for Mediterranean and large rivers),
the main FAME output (PC software, manual for application) and the documents for publication, dissemination and exploitation of the FAME method will be presented.
Apart from the FAME group, a limited number of external persons will be invited to enable a first discussion of the results with experts and possible endusers
outside the FAME consortium. If you want to be considered for invitation then please contact Gertrud Haidvogl, mailto:gertrud.haidvogl@boku.ac.at For more information see http://fame.boku.ac.at ----- WORKSHOP ON SOIL PROTECTION IN MOUNTAINOUS AREAS The concerted action SCAPE is providing an ongoing platform for discussing the strategies that the EU can use to achieve its aims of sustainable soil conservation
and protection. SCAPE will hold its third of a series of five workshops at Schruns (Austria), 11-13 October 2004. Information about this and the previous workshops
can be found on the project home page, http://www.scape.org The October meeting will consider the latest developments of the European Soil Strategy, and the specific problems of soil conservation and protection
in fragile mountain areas. SCAPE is specifically interested in establishing the data and monitoring needs of Europe and in learning from best practices. The
workshop will provide examples of how local communities can successfully act to protect soils. The meeting will also contain a session that considers priorities
for desertification and land degradation research. ----- 2ND EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON MTBE 2nd European Conference on MTBE will be held in Barcelona, Spain on 4-5 November 2004. The objective of the conference is to provide a platform to discuss the
European extent of the MTBE problem and how it should be addressed. The Conference will cover the following topics: Fate and behaviour of MTBE in soil-water
systems; Degradation of MTBE in groundwater; Removal of MTBE in wastewater treatment plants; New methods of sample preparation and analysis of MTBE in water
and soil matrices; Modelling of MTBE in groundwater; Risk assessment/risk based management of MTBE
Posted: 15/09/2004 By: Maike Hauschild