Report of the NICOLE Workshop: Sediments and sludges:
an issue for industry? 13-14 May 2004, Frankfurt,
The meeting report for the NICOLE Workshop: 'Sediments and sludges:   
an issue for industry', held 13-14 May 2004 in Frankfurt, Germany is now   
available for downloading.  
The May 2004 NICOLE workshop at Frankfurt focused on the management   
of contaminated sediments and industrial sludges.  EU soil and water   
legislation is now moving towards a more integrated approach of   
contaminated land, water and sediments, a 'system approach'. Sediments   
are therefore growing in importance to industry. Likewise, many industrial   
companies have to deal with impoundments at their sites, containing   
contaminated sludges.  
This workshop dealt with the many challenges to be overcome in managing   
contaminated sediments and sludges. It focused on recent policy and   
legislative developments in sediment/sludge management and effective   
approaches and technologies for mitigation and clean-up. Presentations   
also addressed liability aspects (what is facing industry?) and technical   
issues regarding environmental forensics, sediment and sludge   
characterisation and promising treatment methods.  Papers were arranged   
in several themes:  
*	examples of the type and scale of problems  
*	use of forensics  
*	characterisation  
*	treatment  
*	legislation, liability and management.  
Discussions focused on sustainable solutions for sediment and sludge   
management for different stakeholder groups.  
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Posted: 27/07/2004 By: Paul Bardos