CABERNET 2005 - The International Conference on
Managing Urban Land - Call for Abstracts>
CABERNET 2005 - The International Conference on Managing Urban Land  
13-15 April 2005 ( ... Belfast  
Waterfront Hall Conference Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK (  
Integrated Urban Land Management   
* Policy, Planning and Design for Urban Life   
*Modelling Urban Systems  
*Institutional Structures and Regeneration Agencies   
Economic Dimensions of Urban Land Management   
* Funding, Fiscal and Financial Risk Management Models  
* Corporate Social Responsibility in Buying, Owning and Selling Land   
* Financial Transparency and Investment Appraisal  
Environmental Dimensions of Urban Land Management   
* Environmental Technologies  
* Water, Soil and Resource Management   
* Urban Ecology   
Social Dimensions of Urban Land Management  
* Social Inclusion, Cohesion and Accessibility  
* Industrial and Cultural Heritage   
* Building Communities  
Regulation, Governance and Legal Issues   
* Local, National, European and beyond   
* Trends in Urban Land Management   
* Indicators and Targets  
Professional Practice  
* Accreditation and Education   
* Training and Skills  
* Knowledge Transfer  
Public Participation  
* Citizen Participation and Empowerment  
* Community Engagement  
* Democratic Legitimacy in Land Management  
Abstracts should be submitted by 15 October 2004. These should be sent to:  
1. Abstracts should be of 500 words in length.  
2. Text - Font 12 Arial.  Double spaced text.  All margins 2.5cm.  
3. Paper title, Theme, Author(s) and/or co-author(s) with names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses must be included.  
4. State whether you wish this to be an oral or poster presentation.  
5. Please submit documents in Word Format.  
Please contact the conference secretariat if you do not receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the abstract within 7 days of submission.  Further details 
of the Conference Registration and Accommodation will be circulated with the 2nd Announcement in September 2004. PAPER REVIEW AND PUBLICATION Submitted abstracts will be sent to reviewers. Authors will be invited to submit a paper or poster presentation. Authors will be notified by 30 November 2004.
Authors of accepted abstracts will be required to submit a full paper by 31 January 2005, which should not exceed more than 5000 words. DEADLINES 15 October 2004: Submission of abstracts (500 words) 30 November 2004: Acceptance Notification sent to Authors 31 January 2005: Submission of Full Papers Full papers and extended abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings. Abstracts will be considered for publication in a refereed journal
and the best papers will be published in the new Journal, Urban Land Management.
Posted: 27/07/2004 By: Lee Oliver