Groundwater Management in Mining Areas
Groundwater Management in Mining Areas - Now Available from!   
Practical examples related to mine water management and excursions to Europe's largest abandoned uranium mine in Pécs (Hungary) were the focus of last year's 
IMAGE-TRAIN Advanced Study Course. Contents: (i) Impacts of Mining on Physical Hdrogeology, (ii) Geochemical Processes Controlling Mine Water Pollution, (iii) Tracer Investigations in
Flooded Mines - the Strassberg/Harz Multitracer Test, (iv) Passive In-Situ Remediation of Contaminated groundwater: permeable Reactive Barriers - PRBs,
(v) Case Study: Remediation of a Former Uranium Mining and Processing Site in Hungary, (vi) Wetland Treatment of Mine Waters, (vii) Mine Water Regulation In
Europe: Preliminary Findings of the ERMITE Project.
Posted: 15/07/2004 By: Maike Hauschild