First announcement of the workshop

“Towards a harmonized management of European soil resources” “Research Agenda for Soil Protection”

Vienna, 28./29. October 2004 The final report of the TWG Research of the EU Soil Thematic Strategy is the result of a stakeholder consultation process, giving a comprehensive report listing and assessing soil problems and related research needs. Consequently the next step will be to transform these findings into thematic research priorities. As a follow-up activity the TWG Research is now going to take this next step with the workshop in Vienna, supported by two EU research management projects addressing soil and groundwater protection, by JOINT (Joint Technical Approach for Soil and Groundwater Quality Management) and by SCAPE (Soil Conservation and Protection for Europe). Final target of the workshop is to reach a reasonable level of consensus among the scientific community about a research agenda for soil protection in Europe, documented in a brochure. The workshop will include keynote lectures and working group discussions on the following topics: * Biodiversity and organic matter * Erosion, compaction, flood and landslides, sealing * Pollution, local and diffuse, salinisation * Cross-cutting issues The keynote lectures will review the current state of scientific knowledge in the light of future soil and water resource management needs in EU countries. There is growing consensus in the EU Member States about the need to develop sustainable resource management strategies. Results from scientific research are needed to guide further policy developments in this area. This requires a more ambitious research agenda than just support of current soil protection policies or contaminated sites policies. The working group discussions will have to identify the most important research themes for this agenda, taking the keynote lectures and the report of the TWG Research as starting points. A draft programme will be available soon, further information will be available from the chairman of the TWG Research, Prof. W. Blum through the secretariat of JOINT, Thomas Ertel, UW Umweltwirtschaft GmbH, Friolzheimer Straße 3, 70499 Stuttgart, Germany, Tel.:++49/711/98978-123; Fax:++49/711/98978-100; e-mail: To ensure to receive all further relevant information, please register with the keyword “Vienna-workshop” at the secretariat of the JOINT project under

Posted: 12/07/2004 By: Jörg Frauenstein