Second Toxic Industrial Chemical (TIC) and Toxic
Industrial Material (TIM) Symposium
To be held in Richmond, Virginia July 20th through July 22nd 2004  
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Scentczar’s Second TIC Symposium will provide attendees with a broad overview of perceived threats, equipment requirements, and tools for identifying, 
defending against, and remediating TIC incidents. The Second TIC Symposium will be a three-day event, building on our highly successful two-day First TIC
Symposium held in August of last year. The Second TIC Symposium will update attendees with the latest threat information, experience from Iraqi Freedom, domestic
chemical industry requirements, and detection, protection and remediation technology. The Second TIC Symposium will provide an overview of both military
and homeland defense requirements for TIC detection including the development of TIC lists and detection thresholds.
Posted: 28/06/2004 By: Joseph Roehl