Call For Proposals under Framework 6: Soil and Water
Newsletter Special Issue, June 2004
WATER AND SOIL TIMES - Special Issue, June 2004   
A newsletter from the 'Water Cycle and Soil Related Aspects' unit in the European Commissions Directorate General for Research.   
This is a special issue of the newsletter on the occasion of the opening of a new call for proposals in thematic priority 6, 'Sustainable Development, Global 
Change and Ecosystems'. This issue is entirely devoted to the call and the activities organised by the Commission services in this context. The next regular issue is due to be published in the first half of July 2004. ----- NEW CALL FOR PROPOSALS A new call for proposals in the area of 'Global Change and Ecosystems' was published on 16 June 2004 with a deadline for submission of proposals on 26 October
2004, at 17:00 (Brussels local time). The call identifier is FP6-2004-GLOBAL-3. This is the third call for proposals under the thematic priority 6.3 in FP6.
All the information about this call is available on CORDIS at ... from where you may download the
various supporting documents such as the text of the call, the work programme, and the guides for proposers, etc. The work programme covers a number of activities in the thematic priority 6.3, but in this newsletter we focus on those activities that belong to activity
areas: - 6.3.II: Water cycle, including soil-related aspects - 6.3.VII: Complementary research The information in this newsletter has been carefully checked. However, should there be an inconsistency with the officially published information then
the latter will prevail. ----- INTEGRATED PROJECTS The following parts of the work programme are open for proposals for Integrated Projects (IP): II.1.1.1 Assessing the vulnerability of global water resources to environmental change II.1.2.1 Advances in flood and drought forecasting II.2.1.1 Integrated risk-based management of the water-sediment-soil system at river-basin scale II.3.2.1 Integrated urban water management within the context of global change in Europe and developing countries II.3.2.3 Technologies and systems for drinking water production and distribution VII.1.1.1 Integrated assessment of environmental stressors, their interactions and development of methods and models for evaluation of combined human
exposures Not more than one IP will be selected for funding for each of these topics. It is therefore important that proposals give the best possible coverage of the tasks
as they are described in the work programme. The proposals addressing the above 6 topics will be in competition with proposals for another 10 topics for a total
budget of 150 million Euro allocated to IPs and NOEs. It is therefore not certain that it will be possible to fund proposals for all the topics. The evaluation of the new instruments (IP and NOE) will follow a two-stage procedure. For the first stage, an outline proposal with a part B of max 15 pages should
be submitted. The outline proposal should address - and will be evaluated against - a limited set of evaluation criteria. Coordinators of successful proposals
in the first stage will be requested to submit a complete proposal for the second stage. ----- TRADITIONAL INSTRUMENTS The following parts of the work programme are open for proposals for Specific Targeted Research Projects (STREP) and/or Coordination Actions (CA) II.3.1.1 Twinning European/third countries river basins (Latin America) II.3.2.2 Advances in membrane bio-reactor technologies for municipal wastewater treatment II.3.2.4 Municipal sewage sludge treatment, disposal and re-use II.3.3.1 Innovative technologies for alternative water sources VII.1.2.1 Environmental analysis and monitoring of emerging environmental pollutants (only CA) For each of the first four topics, a maximum of two proposals (STREP or CA) may be selected for funding. The last topic is only open for CAs, and in this case no
more than one proposal may be selected. Proposals for these 5 topics will compete with proposals addressing another 7 topics for a total budget of 50 million
Euro. As in the case of the IPs, it may happen that - due to the limited budget - not all topics will have successful proposals. ----- SPECIFIC SUPPORT ACTIONS Specific Support Actions (SSA) are projects aiming to actively contribute to the implementation of the work programme, the analysis and dissemination
of results or the preparation of future activities, with a view to enabling the Community to achieve or define its RTD strategic objectives. They will also be
implemented to encourage and facilitate the participation in the activities of this priority thematic area of SMEs and they will stimulate international
co-operation. The subject area for SSAs is not strictly prescribed, but a number of examples are mentioned in the work programme. These examples include: - Desertification: from science towards application - Technology Platform on Water Supply and Sanitation - Technology Platform on Sustainable Chemistry A total budget of 5 million Euro has been allocated to SSAs ----- NOTES ON PROPOSAL PREPARATION An Electronic Proposal Submission System (EPSS) is available via the CORDIS call page to help you prepare and submit your proposal online. Alternatively,
an offline version of the tool, called EPT, may be downloaded to prepare a proposal offline. In this case, once the proposal has been prepared with the offline
tool, it may be submitted either electronically via the online tool, or printed and submitted on paper. Direct, online submission via the EPSS is strongly encouraged.
Proposers are requested to register their intention to submit a proposal using the registration facility of the Electronic Proposal Submission System
(EPSS). This is accessed via the prepare and submit a proposal pages on CORDIS. Note that registration information is indicative only. The information that
you provide at this stage will help the Commission to prepare for evaluation of the call. The details that you give need not be final and will not form part of your
eventual proposal. Only the details you provide in the final proposal when you make the submission will be evaluated. The work programme of the call encourages/requests consortia to include SME partners, partners from developing countries, etc. CORDIS has a partner search
facility at, which may help you in locating these and other types of partners for your proposal. ----- INFORMATION DAYS The Commission services are arranging two specific information days in relation to the Water Cycle and Soil Related Aspects of this call. They are both related
to specific areas of the work programme that are open for Integrated Projects. The info day on 9 July 2004 addresses the topic of vulnerability of global water resources (II.1.1.1). This event will take place in Brussels. The objectives
will be to present the related topic covered in the work programme of the 3rd call and provide opportunities for networking among potential proposers. To this
end, participants will have the opportunity to discuss research gaps and give very short outline presentations on project ideas and/or on networking opportunities.
Overview information on related ongoing EC funded activities will be given. Since the call aims to strengthen the capacity of European research on the global
water cycle, related national and international activities will also be illustrated. For more information and to express an interest in attending this event,
please contact Mrs Val?e Ubrich, A second info day on 12 July is devoted to two additional topics: 'Integrated Urban Water Management within the context of global change
Posted: 21/06/2004 By: Jörg Frauenstein