Environment Agency publish further toxicological
The following reports on toxicological data relating to human health effects  
of exposure to contaminants in soils have been published;  
R&D Publication TOX 16 Tetrachloroethane,  
R&D Publication TOX 18 Vinyl chloride,  
R&D Publication TOX 23 Tetrachloroethene, and  
R&D Publication TOX 25 Trichloroethane.  
These reports are for use in support of activities under Part IIA of the   
Environmental Protection Act, 1990 and are to be regarded as 'relevant   
information' which can be used in support of the application of the statutory  
regimes addressing land contamination. However, the CLR package including the   
CLEA 2002 software is applicable to many situations where land contamination   
may be an issue. The CLR package and specifically the SGVs have adopted the   
'suitable for use' approach included in both the UK's planning regime and   
Part IIA and as such can be used to inform decisions taken under both Part IIA   
and planning.  
The reports will shortly be available as free electronic downloads from the   
Environment Agency website at:  
http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/s ... 
Posted: 09/06/2004 By: Bob Barnes