JOINT-EUGRIS EU workshop, 7.-9.06.2004, Bonn
Please find enclosed the program of the second JOINT-EU-workshop:   
'Towards an Integrated Management of Soil and Water Resources: Fate and Behaviour of Pollutants'   
to be held in Bonn, Germany, on June 7-9th 2004, hosted and co-organised by the federal Ministry for Environmental Protection of Germany.   
The workshop is structured according to its main objectives, which are:   
·           to review and optimise strategies and tools for an improved dissemination and implementation of research results and new products   
·           to inform about new activities in FP6   
·           to specify ways how to integrate soil and sediments in the management of river basins   
·           to present and discuss future short, medium and long-term priority research tasks to pave the way for a holistic approach to the management of soil and water 
resources under climate change The different workshop days are focussed on different aspects of the topic. Registration is valid for the full three days, but of course you can also choose
to attend on just the day you are interested in. We would especially like to draw your attention to the third day which runs under the title 'Brokerage event on Future Research Activities in the Field of Water-Soil-System
Functioning and Management under Climate Change'. This is to inform the research community about priority topics and project ideas related to the third call
for proposals within FP6 to be expected for mid-June.

Program of the second JOINT-EU-workshop

Posted: 18/05/2004 By: Jörg Frauenstein