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Horizon 2020: EC Suggests €80 Billion Investment
in Research & Innovation
The European Commission has presented an €80 billion package of proposals for research and innovation 
funding, as part of the drive to create sustainable growth and new jobs in Europe. Horizon 2020 will
run from 2014 to 2020. The proposals will be negotiated by the European Parliament and the European
Council over the next two years with a view to adoption of legislative acts by end 2013. Alongside
this, Parliament and Council negotiations will determine the EU budget for 2014-20, including
the overall budget for Horizon 2020. The structure of research funding is changing in these proposals.
Objective 1) supporting an 'Excellent science' in Europe ( €24.6 billion) includes: * €13.2 billion for the highly successful European Research Council (ERC), which provides substantial
grants to top-level individual researchers working in Europe. * €3.1 billion for future and emerging technologies (FET) to open up new fields of research and
innovation. * €5.75 billion for the Marie Curie Actions. * €2.4 billion will also be available for supporting access to, and networking of priority research
infrastructures (including e-infrastructures) across Europe. Objective 2) 'Industrial leadership', (€17.9 billion) will include major investments in key
industrial technologies such as Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), nanotechnologies,
biotechnology and space (total of €13.7 billion). It will facilitate access to risk finance (dedicated
budget of €3.5 billion) and EU-wide support for innovation in SMEs with high growth potential (€0.6
billion). Objective 3), 'Societal challenges' (€31.7 billion) appears to be like the FP7 cooperation programme:
* Health, demographic change and well-being (€8 billion); * Food security, sustainable agriculture, marine and maritime research and the bio-based economy
(€4.1 billion); * Secure, clean and efficient energy (€5.7 billion); * Smart, green and integrated transport (€6.8 billion); * Climate action, resource efficiency and raw materials (€3.1 billion); * Inclusive, innovative and secure societies (€3.8 billion). Horizon 2020 web site link is at:
Posted: 13/12/2011 By: Professor Paul Bardos