Policy and Regulation:- United Kingdom Site investigation 

1. Policy and Regulation
1.1 Policy
UK policy and guidance on the risk assessment of contaminated land has developed swiftly since 2000, driven by the implementation of new legislation designed 
to address contaminated land, such as Part IIA and changes to the planning and building control systems. This developing policy has been published by various
authoritative bodies in a number of guidance or decision support documents. Earlier guidance, published by CIRIA (Harris et al., 1995), Scottish Enterprise (1998) and the Welsh Development Agency (1993) etc., did not adequately
emphasise the central role of the conceptual model in the design, reporting and interpretation of site investigations. Nevertheless this guidance contains
many practical details that are not found in subsequent documentation. A number of documents have been published by the Environment Agency including 'Secondary Model Procedure for the Development of Appropriate Soil Sampling
Strategies' (Environment agency, 2000). British Standard 10175 (BSI 2001) sets out a framework for the design, execution and reporting of site investigations of potentially contaminated land.
Adherence to British Standards, such as BS10175, is one of the basic definitions of 'good practice'. More recently CIRIA has published focused reports describing
the applicability of biological and non-biological methods of characterisation (Finnamore et al., 2002; Barr et al., 2003) and geophysics (McDowell et al.,
1.2 Regulation
There are two principal pieces of legislation that have a bearing on the risk management of land contamination, and therefore on site investigation. These 
are the Town and Country Planning Act 1999 supported by Planning Policy Statement 23 and the Contaminated Land Regulations that enable Section Part IIA of the
Environmental Protection Act 1990. Further details can be found in the General Resources pages which are accessible from the United Kingdom Home Page  
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