Policy and Regulation:- Hungary Soil and groundwater processes 

1. Policy and Regulation
1.1 Policy
General rules of environmental protection are set in the 53/1995 law that aims to develop harmonic relation of humans and the environment, the aligned protection 
of the environment as a whole, its elements and processes to ensure the long-term sustainability. The law contains the basic principles of the environmental
protection, its toolkit, responsibilities, and the rules of the uniform protection of the environmental elements. http://www.kvvm.hu/dokumentum.php?cont ...
(summary) http://www.kvvm.hu/cimg/documents/1995 ... (Word document)
The 55/1994 law on agricultural lands regulates the utilisation of agricultural lands, and their qualitative and quantitative protection. The owner/farmer
of the agricultural land is obliged to order a soil assessment/evaluation report and based on this should ask for permit from the local/regional soil protection
authority on soil utilisation methods. This permit declares the rules of the use of waste water, sludge and other non-dangerous wastes in agricultural activities,
the basics of liquid manure spreading, water regulation activities, irrigation, and other soil protection and soil condition improvement works. Furthermore,
the law enacts that the government develops and operates the national soil quality registry in the form of soil maps and other databases, and operates a monitoring,
controlling and information system to detect the changes in soil quality. http://www.complex.hu/kzldat/t9400055. ... The 57/1995 law on water management deals with the surface and groundwater, natural aquifers, surface water channels and riparian zones. It also regulates
those activities that impact or alter the quality of waters or the structure of aquifers, the utilisation of waters, protection of water sustainability and
water resources management. Finally, the law describes the principles of monitoring and assessment of waters, the data collection, processing, and distribution
procedures, the assessment of the state of waters and research. http://www.kvvm.hu/dokumentum.php?cont ... (summary) http://www.kvvm.hu/cimg/documents/1995 ...
(Word document)  
1.2 Regulation
The 49/2001 (IV. 3.) Governmental Decree on the protection of waters against agricultural nitrate pollution adopts the Nitrate Directive in the Hungarian 
legislation. This Decree determines the definition of nitrate sensitive areas, identify the nitrate sensitive areas, defines the principles of re-examination,
and sets the unified, national action programme to protect waters. This action programme consists of 4-year-long periods. The Decree outlines those deadlines,
when all operational or permitted animal farms have to comply with the Nitrate Directive. This Nitrate Decree also defines the aspects of control and dissemination,
and disposes the reporting to EU. http://www.kvvm.hu/dokumentum.php?cont ... (summary) http://www.kvvm.hu/cimg/documents/49_2 ...
(Word document) The 219/2004. (VII. 21.) Governmental Decree on the protection of ground waters has replaced the 33/2000 (III.17.) Governmental Decree. This new decree
regulates the tasks and responsibilities to achieve (i) the good status and sustainability of ground waters; (ii) the gradual decrease and prevention of pollutions
of ground waters, (iii) sustainable water use of ground water resources, and (iv) the remediation of geological agent. http://www.kvvm.hu/szakmai/karmentes/j ...
Government Decree No. 123/1997 (VII.18) on the protection of water resources, perspective water resources, hydraulic establishments  
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