Policy and Regulation:- Hungary Remediation options 

1. Policy and Regulation
1.1 Policy
General rules of environmental protection are set in the 53/1995 law that aims to develop harmonic relation of humans and the environment, the aligned protection 
of the environment as a whole, its elements and processes to ensure the long-term sustainability. The law contains the basic principles of the environmental
protection, its toolkit, responsibilities, and the rules of the uniform protection of the environmental elements. http://www.kvvm.hu/dokumentum.php?cont ...
(summary) http://www.kvvm.hu/cimg/documents/1995 ... (Word document)  
1.2 Regulation
Government order No. 2205/1996. (VII.24.) on the remediation of the left off environmental damages on state owned sites    
http://www.kvvm.hu/szakmai/karmentes/j ... 
Government Order No. 2304/1997. (X.8.) on the mid-term period of the remediation programme of prevention of persistent environmental damages on state
owned sites http://www.kvvm.hu/szakmai/karmentes/j ... The 219/2004. (VII. 21.) Governmental Decree on the protection of ground waters has replaced the 33/2000 (III.17.) Governmental Decree. This new decree
regulates the tasks and responsibilities to achieve (i) the good status and sustainability of ground waters; (ii) the gradual decrease and prevention of pollutions
of ground waters, (iii) sustainable water use of ground water resources, and (iv) the remediation of geological agent. http://www.kvvm.hu/szakmai/karmentes/j ...
KM-EM-FVM-KHVM Decree No. 10/2000. (VI.2.) On quality standards of groundwater and geological agent protection. http://www.kvvm.hu/dokumentum.php?cont ...
(summary) http://www.kvvm.hu/cimg/documents/10_2 ...
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