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1. Policy and Regulation
1.1 Policy
General rules of environmental protection are set in the 53/1995 law. Its 49. § (1) section obliges the Environmental Minister to follow the state and use of 
the environment resources and to collect, process and register the environmental stress and pressures in the National Environmental Information System
(OKIR). The 64. § (1) section of the same Law states that the data processing and reference tasks of OKIR belong to the environment protection administration,
and requires the briefing of local governments, governmental bodies and general public. http://www.kvvm.hu/dokumentum.php?cont ... (summary)
http://www.kvvm.hu/cimg/documents/1995 ... (Word document) The 81. Law (2001) declared the Aarhus Convention (1998. június 25). http://www.kvvm.hu/szakmai/eper/docs/l ... (pdf document)  
1.2 Regulation
The 219/2004. (VII. 21.) Governmental Decree on the protection of ground waters has replaced the 33/2000 (III.17.) Governmental Decree. This new decree regulates 
the tasks and responsibilities to achieve (i) the good status and sustainability of ground waters; (ii) the gradual decrease and prevention of pollutions
of ground waters, (iii) sustainable water use of ground water resources, and (iv) the remediation of geological agent. Chapter 9 describes the registration
system. http://www.kvvm.hu/szakmai/karmentes/j ... The 164/2003. (X. 18.) Governmental Decree regulates the waste related registry and data providing obligations. http://www.kvvm.hu/dokumentum.php?cont ...
(summary) http://www.kvvm.hu/cimg/documents/164_ ...
(Word document) The 102/1996. (VII. 12.) Governmental Decree regulates the data providing obligations on the formations of dangerous wastes.  
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