Policy and Regulation:- France Information management systems 

1. Policy and Regulation
1.1 Policy
The collected data are used for management and information purposes and may concern:  
•The inventory of former industrial sites and service activities  
BASIAS - Inventaire des anciens sites industriels et des activités de service  
•The inventory of contaminated (or potentially contaminated) sites and soil requiring government action for prevention or remediation  
BASOL - Base de données sur les sites et sols pollués (ou potentiellement pollués) appelant une action des pouvoirs publics, à titre préventif ou curatif 
http://basol.ecologie.gouv.fr •The French Registry of polluting emissions Registre Français des émissions polluantes http://www.pollutionsindustrielles.eco ... •The National Water Data Network Réseau National des Données sur l'Eau http://sandre.eaufrance.fr •Groundwater levels and flood risk Remontées de nappe http://www.inondationsnappes.fr/ •Groundwater data ADES - Accès aux données des eaux souterraines http://www.ades.eaufrance.fr/ •Regional groundwater monitoring: •Système d'information pour la gestion des eaux souterraines en Aquitaine http://sigesaqi.brgm.fr/ •Système d’Information pour la Gestion des Eaux Souterraines en Poitou-Charentes http://sigespoc.brgm.fr/ •Réseau piézométrique Pyrénées-Orientales http://cg66.brgm.fr/ •Eaux Souterraines du bassin Seine-Normandie http://seine-normandie.brgm.fr/  
1.2 Regulation
The creation and management of information management systems supervised by the central government are governed by laws and regulations.  
For example, for the creation and management of BASIAS:  
•Ministerial Order of December 10, 1998 concerning the Creation of a database for former industrial sites and service activities  
http://www.ineris.fr/aida/?q=consult_d ... 
•Circular DPPR/SEI/BPSE/DE no. 99-316 of April 26, 1999 concerning the Diffusion of historical and regional inventories of former industrial sites http://www.ineris.fr/aida/?q=consult_d ...
The French Polluting Emissions Register provides data about emissions from industries and livestock farms. Data are collected from the declarations submitted
online by owners of Classified Installations. http:www.declarationpollution.ecologie.gouv.fr These declarations are governed by the following regulation: •Ministerial Order of December 24, 2002, concerning the Annual declaration of polluting emissions from Classified Installations http://www.ineris.fr/aida/?q=consult_doc ...  
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