Policy and Regulation:- France Mega-sites 

1. Policy and Regulation
1.1 Policy
In France, the management of former megasites is coordinated by Public Land Management Authorities (Etablissements Publics Fonciers). The creation of EPF 
started in 1962. Six National EPF depend on government funding for specific regions: •L’Agence Foncière et Technique de la Région Parisienne (AFTRP), created in 1962; •L’Etablissement Public Foncier de Normandie (EPF Normandie) created in 1968; •L’Etablissement Public Foncier de Lorraine (EPF Lorraine), created in 1973 •L’Etablissement Public Foncier de Lorraine (EPF Lorraine), created in 1990 •L’Etablissement Public de l’Ouest Rhône-Alpes (EPORA), created in 1998 •L’Etablissement Public Foncier Provence/Alpes/Côte d’Azur (EPF PACA), created in 2001 Seven local EPF were created in 1991: •EPF SMAF - Syndicat Mixte d’Action Foncière (Puy de Dôme) •EPAFAB - Etablissement Public d’Action Foncière d’Argenteuil-Bezons (Val d’Oise) •EPAG - Etablissement Public d’Aménagement de la Guyane •EPFR - Etablissement Public Foncier de la Réunion •EPFLRG - Etablissement Public Foncier Local de la région grenobloise •EPFLCC - Etablissement Public Foncier Local des Collectivités de Côte d’Or •EPFHS - Etablissement Public Foncier de Haute-Savoie There are also other local Agencies, under the auspices of the Departmental General Councils (Conseils Générals): •l’AFDH - Agence Foncière Départementale de l’Hérault •l’AFD - Agence Foncière du Doubs Two agencies have been created to develop urban areas near the coast in Guadeloupe and Martinique. Public information is essential for contaminated land management, especially when this involves a megasite.  
1.2 Regulation
EPF were created within the framework of the Urban Planning Code (Code de l'urbanisme - Article L300-1) of the land-use policy.  
Local EPF were created within the framework of the Urban Framework Law (July 13, 1991) modified by the Law of December 13, 2001 concerning Solidarity and Urban 
Renewal. Public Land Management Authorities or Agencies are not-for-profit under the Law of 1901.  
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