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Glossary entry:Persistent Organic Pollutants
Meaning in EUGRIS: Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) are extremely toxic substances for environment and human health at a world scale. Their physical and chemical properties, particularly their high stability, give them ubiquity and capacity of accumulation in the leaving organisms and nature. POPs are man- made compounds (not naturally found) such as PCB, some pesticides, insecticides and contaminants of paper and hydrocarbon industries, and substances which delay fire. They may also result of combustion (dioxin, furan). Governmental organisations get on togather to focus action on 12 or 16 selected POPs.
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Abbreviations: POPs


French:Polluants Organiques Persistants (POPs)
German:Persistente organische Schadstoffe (POPs)
Hungarian:nem lebomló szerves szennyezők
Meanings used in other countries (if different from above):

Les polluants organiques persistants - Etat des lieux ŕ la veille d'une Convention Internationale - BRUNET JF., ROCHER M. 2000. 147 p.  
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