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A democratic republic replaced the monarchy in 1946 and economic revival followed. It consists of 
20 regions. Italy covers an area of 301,230 square kilometres and has a population of 58 million. The
capital is Rome. Italy is one of the charter members of the European Union.
Italy overview: Funding/Financing

Italy overview: Funding/Financing


Public funding for characterization and remediation of contaminated sites is provided by Regions and/or Municipality in this two cases:


  • Sites of public property
  • ‘Orphan sites’ where site owner or responsible party cannot be identified


These sites are included in the Regional Plans, as regulated by D.M. 471/99.


Under direct responsibility of the Ministry for the Environment are the ‘‘Sites of National Interest’, defined in the art. 15 of D.M. 471/99 as sites with high complexity and extension of the contamination, high population density, and relevant human health and ecological risks. Remediation projects for these sites are promoted by the Ministry for the Environment and public funding is regulated by ‘National Remediation Plan’ (L.426/98, L.388/00, D.M.468/01, L.179/02). The National Remediation Plan includes now 50 Sites of National Interest.


‘Site of National Interest’ main features:


  • Surface of 4 sites alone is 702,522 ha (land/sea/surface water): > 2 % area of national territory
  • Costs estimated (over 41 sites): 3,149.30 M€
  • Government Funds (over 41 sites): 547.34 M€ (17,4% of estimated requirement)
  • Several investigation and emergency safety actions projects have been authorized together with few remediation projects.


Key Documents


Decree of Ministry for Environment of 25th October 1999, n°471

Decreto Ministeriale 25 ottobre 1999, n. 471



Law n°426 of 9th December 1998

Legge 9 dicembre 1998, n. 426 - "Nuovi interventi in campo ambientale"



Law n°388 of 23th December 2000

Legge 23 dicembre 2000, n. 388 - "Disposizioni per la formazione del bilancio annuale e pluriennale dello Stato (legge finanziaria 2001)"



Decree of Ministry for Environment of 18th September 2001, n°468

Decreto Ministeriale 18 settembre 2001, n. 468 – "Programma nazionale di bonifica e ripristino ambientale dei siti inquinati"



Law n°179 of 31th July 2002

Legge 31 luglio 2002, n. 179 - " Disposizioni in materia ambientale"



Location of contaminated sites of national interest


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