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A democratic republic replaced the monarchy in 1946 and economic revival followed. It consists of 
20 regions. Italy covers an area of 301,230 square kilometres and has a population of 58 million. The
capital is Rome. Italy is one of the charter members of the European Union.
Italy overview: Maps

Italy overview: Maps


Figure 1 shows a map of Italy showing the administrative districts.


Figure 1: Administrative Divisions


Further online available maps are listed below grouped in categories.



General maps


Printable road maps of Italy


Freeways of Italy


Detailed interactive Roadmap of Italy with Search




Soil and water related maps


Soil map of Region Sardinia


Pedological regions (to download) (in a shapefile, 745 kB) (in MS Access, 67 kB)


Pedoclimatic Geodatabase (to download) (8,52 MB)


Water quality of rivers and water courses in Region Tuscany





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