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The United Kingdom (UK) is a Constitutional Monarchy made up of four semi-autonomous countries: 
England, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales. The latter three having devolved authorities responsible
for some environmental regulation and policy making relevant to soil and water. The UK covers an area
of 242,500 square kilometres & has a population of 59 million, similar to that of France and Italy.
United Kingdom Overview: Maps

Figure 1 Shows the Different Regions of the United Kingdom and major cities

Further online available maps are listed below grouped in categories.

General Maps

The chief producer of maps in the UK is the Ordnance Survey, based in Southampton but with regional offices and field officers throughout the Country. The Ordnance Survey is headed by its Director General and Chief Executive, Vanessa Lawrence, who reports to Parliament through the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.


Interactive map of the United Kingdom


Railroads and major roads of the United Kingdom



Roadmap for Wales:


Roadmap for Scotland:



Detailed map of the United Kingdom with search


Soil and Water Maps

Water Environment

Groundwater Vulnerability and Groundwater Protection Zones

Nitrate Vulnerable Zones


Nitrate Sensitive Areas


Scottish Groundwater Quality Monitoring Network


Northern Ireland Catchments



The British Geological Survey produces and distributes paper and digital maps of the UK.

Environmental Data

The Environment Agency (England and Wales) was a service on its web site called "What's in my Backyard". This allows users to access a simple GIS that can be used to view environmental data across England and Wales as well as access to databases. Data available include:

Bathing Waters, Discharges to Sea,

Groundwater Protection Zones,


Flood Warning Areas,

Landfill Sites,

Pollution Inventory,

River Quality and River Quality Targets,

Catchment Abstraction Management Strategies (CAMS),

Urban Waste Water Treatment,

River Flow Data.

SEPA provides environmental data and maps for Scotland from its web site, including:

The Northern Ireland Environment and Heritage Service has environmental data available from its web site in the form of downloadable PDF reports.

The River Basin District map for Northern Ireland can be found at the Environment and Heritage website


The Environment Agency for England and Wales have published The State of Soils in England and Wales. Printed versions of this report contain a detailed map of soil types. Unfortunately the map contains too much data to be available as a PDF from their website. However the soils data used for the map is hosted at www.magic.gov.uk. This site allows the data to be accessed and manipulated via an online GIS.


MAGIC http://www.magic.gov.uk is the first web-based interactive map to bring together information on key environmental schemes and designations in one place. MAGIC is a partnership project involving seven government organisations who have responsibilities for rural policy-making and management, and although it has been designed to meet the needs of the partner organisations, the facility is available to anyone over the Internet.

The MAGIC partners are:

Figure 2: Major Aquifers of the UK and Southern Ireland









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