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Hungary is located in Central Europe, in the Carpathian Basin surrounded by the Carpathians, the 
Alps and the Dinara Mountains. Hungary was founded in 1000. Population of Hungary is 10 million. The
territory of the country is 93,030 square kilometres, covering about 1 percent of Europe. The biggest
lake in Hungary and in Central Europe is Lake Balaton with a surface area of 593 km2. Almost three quarters
of the territory of the country is low plain, one fifth is hilly (maximum altitude: 400 metres), and
approximately 5% of the total territory of the country is mountainous (400 -1000 metres)
Hungary overview: Funding/Financing

Hungary overview: Funding/Financing

The Hungarian funding system in soil and groundwater protection is based on the “National Environmental Remediation Program” (NERP). This program covers all remediation actions without considering responsibility issues. It aims to:

The NERP program has three main areas of concern:

The program has been started since the 2205/1996.(VII. 24.) Governmental decision.

The legislative background of the program is based on the 219/2004. (VII. 21.) Governmental Decree on the protection of ground waters. According to this Governmental Decree, the Environment Protection Minister is responsible for General and National NERP tasks and to execute as individual tasks those remediation actions which do no belongs any of the Ministerial departments. Other remediation actions that belong to governmental responsibilities have to be executed by the relevant Ministers by using the departmental NERP funds.

NERP budget of the Environmental Protection Minister were: 1.5 billion HUF in 2000, 1.451 billion HUF in 2001, 2.358 billion HUF in 2002, 2.099 billion HUF in 2003. The total cost of the remediation actions from central governmental financial resources in 2003 was almost 9.9 billion HUF.

Between 1994 and 2003, the Hungarian Government carried out several remediation actions. The total NERP programmes was 51 000 000 HUF in this period. The MoEW remedation’s investment was 4 700 000 HUF from this cost.

Map of NERP remediation actions:


The following organisations invite to submit a tender for remediation actions or RTD projects:

Calls for proposals are published on the following webpages:


Key Documents

Governmental Decision No. 2205/1996.(VII. 24.) on the remediation of those abandoned sites that belongs to Governmental responsibility

Government Decree No. 33/2000. (III.17.) On activities that affect the quality of groundwater. (summary) (Word document)

KöM-EüM-FVM-KHVM Decree No. 10/2000. (VI.2.) On quality standards of groundwater and geological agent protection. (summary) (Word document)


Useful Web Links

Ministry of Environment and Water (Hungarian)

Ministry of Economy and Transport (English, Hungarian)

National Office of Research and Technology (English, Hungarian)

The National Environmental Remediation Program (NERP, (English, Hungarian):

Tender watch (Pályázatfigyelõ, Hungarian)

Hungarian Office of Research and Development (HORTD, (English, Hungarian)


Contact institutes:

Ministry of Environment and Water
Department for Water and Soil Protection
Address: 1011 Budapest, Fő u. 44-50., Hungary
Mailing address: 1394 Budapest, Pf. 351, Hungary
Phone number: +36-1-457-3585

Environment Assessment and Remediation Department
Address: 1095 Budapest, Kvassay J. út 1., Hungary
Phone number: +36-1-215-6140 / 2222 ext.

List of Abbreviations



Országos Környezeti Kármentesítési Program
(National Environmental Remediation Programme)
Környezetvédelmi és Vízügyi Minisztérium
(Ministry of Environment and Water)
Gazdasági és Közlekedési Minisztérium
(Ministry of Economy and Transport)


Kutatás-fejlesztési Pályázati és Kutatáshasznosítási Iroda
(National Office of Research and Technology)

Környezetvédelmi alap célfeladatok
(Environmental Protection Foundation)
Felszín alatti Víz és Földtani Közeg Nyilvántartási Rendszer
(Register System of Groundwater and Geological Media)
Nemzeti Kármentesítési Prioritási Lista
(National Remediation Priority List)
Kármentesítési Információs Rendszer
(Remediation Information System)

'VITUKI' Környezetvédelmi és Vízgazdálkodási Kutató Intézet
Állapotértékelési és Kármentesítési Szakágazat
(VITUKI Environmental and Water Management Research Institute
Environment Assessment and Remediation Department)



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