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Glossary Entry:- France  Information management systems
A computer program (consisting of data storage systems, software and services, providing automated 
networked storage solutions ) that lets one or more computer users create and access data in a database.
The French information management policy aims to enable a broad diffusion of data to the public and 
to professionals involved in contaminated land management.
1. General Approach
Applying the transparency principle, the French government favours a broad dissemination of information, 
free of charge, to the public and contaminated-land stakeholders. Extensive use is made of the Internet and of Information systems in order to provide users with comprehensive
data in numerous databases including: •contaminated site inventories •groundwater levels •water quality •industry emissions Some of the systems are primarily site inventories (e.g. BASOL, BASIAS). Most of them use geographical
information systems (GIS) and can be queried using forms or directly by clicking on maps in Web sites.
2. Policy and Regulation
2.1 Policy
The collected data are used for management and information purposes and may concern:  
•The inventory of former industrial sites and service activities  
BASIAS - Inventaire des anciens sites industriels et des activités de service  
•The inventory of contaminated (or potentially contaminated) sites and soil requiring government
action for prevention or remediation BASOL - Base de données sur les sites et sols pollués (ou potentiellement pollués) appelant une
action des pouvoirs publics, à titre préventif ou curatif http://basol.ecologie.gouv.fr •The French Registry of polluting emissions Registre Français des émissions polluantes http://www.pollutionsindustrielles.ecologie.gouv.fr
•The National Water Data Network Réseau National des Données sur l'Eau http://sandre.eaufrance.fr •Groundwater levels and flood risk Remontées de nappe http://www.inondationsnappes.fr/ •Groundwater data ADES - Accès aux données des eaux souterraines http://www.ades.eaufrance.fr/ •Regional groundwater monitoring: •Système d'information pour la gestion des eaux souterraines en Aquitaine http://sigesaqi.brgm.fr/
•Système d’Information pour la Gestion des Eaux Souterraines en Poitou-Charentes http://sigespoc.brgm.fr/
•Réseau piézométrique Pyrénées-Orientales http://cg66.brgm.fr/ •Eaux Souterraines du bassin Seine-Normandie http://seine-normandie.brgm.fr/
2.2 Regulation
The creation and management of information management systems supervised by the central government 
are governed by laws and regulations. For example, for the creation and management of BASIAS: •Ministerial Order of December 10, 1998 concerning the Creation of a database for former industrial
sites and service activities http://www.ineris.fr/aida/?q=consult_doc/consultation/2.25
•Circular DPPR/SEI/BPSE/DE no. 99-316 of April 26, 1999 concerning the Diffusion of historical
and regional inventories of former industrial sites http://www.ineris.fr/aida/?q=consult_doc/consultation/2.25
The French Polluting Emissions Register provides data about emissions from industries and livestock
farms. Data are collected from the declarations submitted online by owners of Classified Installations.
http:www.declarationpollution.ecologie.gouv.fr These declarations are governed by the following regulation: •Ministerial Order of December 24, 2002, concerning the Annual declaration of polluting emissions
from Classified Installations http://www.ineris.fr/aida/?q=consult_doc/consultation/2.250.
3. Funding
Site Project Funding
The information systems listed above are financed by the central and regional governments:  
•Ministry in charge of the environment  
•Ministry of Solidarity, Health and Family  
•ADEME: French Agency for Environment and Energy Management  
•Water Authorities  
•BRGM subsidies (for BASIAS)  
•General Councils of the Departments concerned  
•Municipal governments (e.g. Lyon metropolitan area) 
R&D funding
No further funding information available on the EUGRIS system
Market Information

4: Management tools / decision support and guidance

No further information available

5. Authors

6. Acknowledgements
Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea (MEEDDM)  
MEEDDM - INERIS - AIDA. Database of regulations for Classified Installations http://www.ineris.fr/aida/
BRGM http://www.brgm.fr