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Glossary Entry:- European Union  Mega-sites
Mega-sites are large scale contaminated sites, which pose a large potential or an actual risk of deterioration 
to groundwater, sediment, soil and surface-water quality. These expensive sites such as mine sites
and asbestos sites, require complicated and costly remediation. They are extremely complicated
cleanups that are resource intensive, have different sources, and can take years to remediate.
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2. Policy and Regulation
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3. Funding
Site Project Funding

R&D funding
EC Framework Programme 5
Research Type: Basic, Demonstration

Topics: Quality of life and management of living resources . Budget: 2.413 million euros. Objective: to improve health, develop agro-industry and promote sustainable use of natural resources. 2) User-friendly information society . Budget: 3.6 billion euros. Objective: to develop information technology services for the citizen. 3) Competitive and sustainable growth . Budget: 2.705 million euros. Objective: to contribute to creating competitive European industry and sustainable transport systems and to support efficient, high-quality production. 4) Energy, environment and sustainable development . Budget: 2.125 million euros (of which 975 million for nuclear energy). Objective: to help to meet the environmental challenges and strike a balance between economic development and environmental sustainability.

Submitted by: Dr Stefan Gödeke  Who does what?

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NICOLE Funding Scheme
Research Type: Applied, Basic, Demonstration

Topics: The project should contribute to the aims and strategy of NICOLE. The aims of the network are to: (1) provide a European forum for the dissemination and exchange of good practice, practical and scientific knowledge and ideas to manage contaminated land in a sustainable way; (2) stimulate coordinated, interdisciplinary projects on collaborative, problem oriented research and knowledge transfer to address identified needs; and (3) develop new relationships and strengthen existing relationships with other networks.

Submitted by: Professor Paul Bardos  Who does what?

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