Emerging Pollutants
Pollutants that have been recently discovered in the environment 
such as endocrinial disruptors resulting of some organic
compounds degradation or introduction of medicine in the
natural milieu.
Previously unknown or unrecognized (mystery) pollutants. 
(Ignored environmental contaminants)
· Detection of emerging pollutants is a detective work
called environmental forensics
· Emerging pollutants are generally not included in
the legislation (non-priority pollutants)
· Emerging pollutants = emerging chemical risks
· Emerging issues and short-circuiting risks

Risks from emerging pollutants:
· Long-established, widely recognized risks, as POPs
or PBT (persistent bioaccumulative toxicants)
· Unexpectedly growing/developing risks (due to increasing
consumption, such as MTBE)
· Hidden, latent risks (previously unrecognised risk
existing for some time, now recognized, as PPCPs)
· Future risks, currently not-existing risks (new generation
of chemicals/drugs subjected to approval)
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