inform about the chemical composition of the groundwater, 
the chemical processes and reactions that govern it's composition
as well as the effect of pollutions on this
The further description provides an overview of the chemical 
processes, interactions and mass transport that govern
the natural chemical composition of groundwater.

The natural chemical composition of groundwater is governed
by the interactions that occur between percolating water
and soils in the unsaturated zone and the redox state and
interactions between the groundwater and aquifer matrix.

Groundwater begins as rainfall - a dilute chemical solution
with a signature of the atmosphere at the time the rain fell.
As rain soaks in and travels through the soil and rock it is
filtered and minerals are dissolved from the rock, with
the concentration of solutes generally increasing the
longer groundwater remains in contact with the rock. These
processes give groundwater its variable natural quality
characteristic of a particular area and aquifer.
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