Monitoring UK
Periodic or continuous surveillance or testing to determine 
the level of compliance with statutory requirements and/or
pollutant levels in groundwater.
We have to monitor groundwater to know how activities of 
people, past and present, are affecting groundwater. This
information is required to fulfil statutory duties, to
detect resource problems and to identify pollution in good
time. It is the job of the UK's Environmental Agencies to
protect public water supplies and ecosystems. Monitoring
is the only way to get this information and is therefore an
essential part of protecting groundwater and its dependent
surface ecosystems.

Groundwater is relatively inaccessible and has complex
relationships with other parts of the water cycle. This
all makes it more difficult and expensive to monitor groundwater
than surface water. It is thus essential that monitoring
activity is supported by a good conceptual understanding
of the hydrogeological conditions and of the identified
pressures on groundwater.
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