Risk assessment UK
Risk assessment provides an objective, technical evaluation 
of the likelihood of unacceptable impacts to human health
and the environment. The purpose is to assess the need for
protective measures, since a specific risk assessment
is a precondition for any such protective measures.
Official guidance in the UK, such as 'CLR11 Model procedures 
for the management of land contamination' published by
Defra and the Environment Agency, makes if clear that risk
assessment is the essential starting point in managing
risks posed by land contamination.

Risk assessment provides a structed mechanism for deciding
if contamination poses unacceptable risks to people, their
property or the environment and making judgements about
how best to manage these risks. This underpins the “suitable
for use” approach adopted in the UK for the management of
contaminated land. This applies equally to land contamination
encountered during redevelopment (eg planning and building
control systems) or the durties of local authorities under
Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

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